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With experience more than 20 years playing the bagpipe, Khairuddin is a well known name among the people in the pipe band community in Malaysia. Khairuddin is an accomplished bagpipe player; winning numerous championship both in solo piping and also in band category. Currently Khairuddin is a Pipe Sergeant in KLPD band, managing the band members education and part of the management members of the band. Khairuddin also is one of the founding members of the band. There is no age restriction to become a student of this bagpipe learning programme. If you are interested, please send an email to contact@klpd.com.my or use the contact  form at the main page.

Student's Testimonials

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Robert Fox

Great tutor!!! Knows his stuff!! A

Kelly Little

My tutor went step by step through my practise and made every problem seem easy

Kim Do He

I can now play better thanks to Din