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Read how the band was formed and all the details!

About KLPD

KLPD or also known as the Kuala Lumpur Pipes and Drums has been around for more than 15 years but was only registered officially and known by its current name in 2009. The band consists of 2 main instruments; bagpipes and drums, and plays mainly Scottish songs, with a variety of other songs including English, Malaysian, Chinese and Indian songs. KLPD is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Each member of the band has more than 10 years of experience in playing their instruments.

The band was formed by their 2 main people; Amirul Mazlan, whose main task is to oversee the band management and handling the administrative task of the band, and also Alif Akbar, who specializes in managing the musical aspects of the band. Currently, we have more than 30 playing members.

The band adopted the Scottish style of playing in their music, as well as their uniforms. The uniform consists of kilts (with a matching tartan for every member), sporrans and other accessories including Glengarries, plaids, belts and socks.

Since the band formed, KLPD has competed in numerous pipe band/ solo competitions in Malaysia and around Asia and is recognised as one of the best pipe bands around. KLPD competes regularly in the Grade 4 competition in Jakarta, KL and also Singapore competition.

On September 2014, KLPD has been awarded a promotion to Grade 3 after successfully placing 1st in the Grade 4 South East Asian Pipe Band Competition held in Singapore. The Music Board of Pipe Band Association of Singapore has decided after the Association's meeting that KLPD should be upgraded to grade 3 for International Competition based on KLPD's performance during the whole competition.

KLPD is currently led by Pipe Major Alif Akbar with Pipe Sergeant Noor Khairudin as assistant. Drum Sergeant Jafrul Izwan is currently heading the drum section.

The band trains every Sunday evening and the training session will last for at least 3 hours per session. The training session normally starts with the band member practising new songs or revision previously learned songs for about an hour, and practising with real instruments (bagpipe and drums) for about 2 hours, including doing marching and some other basic routines.

KLPD welcomes new members to join our ever-growing band. Please contact us should you be interested to be part of the group.

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